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OPGANG2 TURNÉTEATER was started in 2001 and tours Denmark with performances that inspire dialogue and debate about ethnic and cultural differences. From their base in Aarhus Opgang2 performs between 150 and 200 times every year, all over Denmark, and annually premieres a new play at Aarhus Teater. In recent years OPGANG2 TURNÈTEATER has won the a Danish Reumert Award, the highest accolade in Danish theater, in 2014 as Youth and Childrens Play of the Year and the Danish Playwright Associations award for Best Children- and Youth Manuscript in 2017. 

Current plays on tour:

4 EVER, a powerful tale of four boys. About friendship, loyalty, growing up and growing apart in a way that is identifiable for young people of all types. Everybody will recognize themselves in the characters. (Avaliable in Danish and Arabic. English translation in the works)

NOBODY, a magical and musical detective story. At a busstop an old lady finds a left behind bag. The bag obviously belongs to a young person, but who is the owner, why is the bag dropped where it is and what does it mean, when there in the bottom of the bag lies a note that says "I am nobody"?

ROTTWEILER, second part of the trilogy that started with 4 EVER. Three siblings, a family in ruins after a divorce and two dogs from the same litter. How much do we take for granted in a family and what happens, when it is pushed to a breaking point? 

HEARTBEAT(EN), final instalment in the trilogy. A young man on his way to a first date with his dream girl is caught in a bus with strangers and his own demons and no online lifeline to the outside world. 

HABIBI, one morning the Danish girl Sara wakes up and can speak nothing but arabic. What is going on? Has she been radicalized or is she just looking for attention. In a few days Saras world changes completely. 

For further information, prices, dates or anything else contact us at info@opgang2.dk or (+45) 8613 2505.

OPGANG2 TURNÉTEATER translates into Staircase 2 Touring Company.





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